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Welcome to Newport Yellow Pages. With a population of 2140, the town is located on the Washington/Idaho border just west of the Pend Oreille River. With an elevation of 2,160 feet, the area provides the enjoyment of four seasons. The city has a total land area of about 1 square mile. The town was officially incorporated in April of 1903.

Activities and Entertainment

The city is less than an hour's drive north of Spokane. Summer presents an opportunity for a drive through the mountains and along the nearby rivers. Abundant wildlife including deer, moose, elk and wild birds can be viewed. At the right time of year you may be lucky to see pheasants, turkeys, and even bald eagles. Some tourist attractions include the Newport Spray Park that opened in 2013, TJ Kelly Park that opened in 2010, and the Little People’s Park. The main park is conveniently called “Newport City Park”.

Job Opportunities and Economy

Some common industries include manufacturing, construction, health care, and educational services. Some of the most common occupations include production, teaching, administrative jobs, and nursing.

Average Temperature and Weather in Newport Washington

The average temperature range is about 25-65 degrees Fahrenheit which is within the US average. Each year Newport has an average rainfall of about 24 inches. The average amount of snowfall each year is 50 inches. The area is generally a dry summer climate with cold and moist winters. The temperatures at nighttime typically falls dramatically lower than the temperature of the daytime.

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